It’s time to diagnose the problem

Posted: 15 February 2019

It's pretty easy to look at the world and come to the conclusion that something isn't right. Our world is constantly thrown into turmoil and distress. This isn't just on an international level but on a personal level too. Just about everyone can see it's not right and agrees that it isn't as it should be. The more difficult question for us is what's gone wrong? And closely related, how do we fix it? Because if we diagnose the problem incorrectly then we won't end up fixing the problem.

Come along this Sunday to see the heart of the problem that we face in our world and the wondrous solution that Jesus offers.

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Vision Sunday

Posted: 08 February 2019

This Sunday is VISION SUNDAY! It’s a chance to hear where we’ve come from and where we’re going as a church. There’ll be stories, book giveaways, embarrassing photos from the past and next steps for us all to take in following Jesus.

Also, it just so happens that this year Vision Sunday coincides with the story of the man Jesus saves in Mark 5. What a great way to talk about why we exist by looking at the way Jesus can save and transform the life of anyone, no matter how far they are from God.

The foodies team have got an amazing lunch organised after the 10am service and we'll be heading to The Taphouse after 5pm. So plan to stay around and enjoy Vision Sunday 2019!


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2019 Annual General Meeting

Posted: 05 February 2019

Coming up on Monday, 25 February 2018 is the Annual General Meeting for Vine Church. This meeting is a really important night in which we review how we've used the resources God has entrusted to us, give thanks for his work among us and look forward to what he has called us to do in the future.

The meeting also provides an opportunity for all members to nominate and elect fellow members to serve as Wardens, Parish Council, Nominators and Synod Representatives. These groups play an important role in the mission of our church by ensuring our church is effectively administered, governed, and represented. You can read more about these roles here.

In 2018 year we have had the...

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It’s time to see God through the storm

Posted: 01 February 2019

Liz and I just got back from holidays and are really excited to be at church with you this week. We’ve got Al Stewart speaking on Jesus calming the storm. It’s a story that explains what faith is and how we are saved. That might sound like the basics, but Al will as always remind us of things we have forgotten or failed to value.

We’ve got a massive couple of months coming up as a church, starting with Vision Sunday next week. Check out our upcoming events and lock them in your diary.

Can’t wait to see you this Sunday.

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This Sunday: It’s time to see God at work in the world

Posted: 25 January 2019

Sometimes when we hear from the Bible there doesn't seem to be much going on. It just seems like words on a page. At other times the words jump off the page at us. They hit us right to our hearts. Why is that? Are we just reading words on a page or is there something else going on when we open the Bible together?

Come along this Sunday as Al Stewart helps us to look into Jesus' parable about the sower and the soils. This might be a familiar passage to you or it might not. Either way it will be a great Sunday hearing Al tease out what our hearts need to hear from Jesus' words.

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This Sunday: It’s time to see what matters most

Posted: 18 January 2019

The question of what matters most in our lives is a tough one to answer. It is hard to put our finger on just what it is that we need more than anything else. After all there are lots of important things in our life. But if there is something more important, then how would I find out? And if I did find out, what would change in my life?

I'm excited to hear from Al Stewart as he looks at these questions from Mark 2:1-17. Join us this Sunday to find out what really matters most and how that truth will change our lives.

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Men’s Events 2019

Posted: 18 January 2019

Our aim this year at Vine Church is to grow godly men. There is great confusion in our society about what it means to be a man. Many voices shout about toxic masculinity or boys clubs; masculinity is so often portrayed negatively. When that’s combined with the confused and often negative view of what it means to be Christian, often Christian men can feel ‘beat up’ or confused, or always on the back foot.

Join us at one of our breakfast or dinner events for fellowship and to hear from a great lineup of speakers.

Saturday, 23 February – 7.30am
Speaker: Jason Perini

Friday, 22 March – 6.30pm
How to live well

Speaker: Dr John Best


Friday, 10 May – 6.30pm
How to...

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Vision Sunday 2019

Posted: 15 January 2019

Vision Sunday is coming up on 10 February. It’s a chance to hear some stories about God’s work in people’s lives, to take stock of where we have come from, and for me to share what God has placed on my heart for our church this year. Can I ask you to pray for me and us all: that I’d speak a God-given vision for our church, and that we would all come with a willing heart ready to give ourselves fully to the Lord.

On the day, we will be commissioning three groups of people: those who serve, those in Community Groups and those who teach the Bible at church. Ministry is a great privilege and we want to join together in making a commitment to serve in a way that pleases Jesus.

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This Sunday: It’s time to shut up and listen

Posted: 11 January 2019

Sometimes people get up and speak and it is all too easy to ignore them and not listen. But sometimes someone comes along and the way they speak and what they say is captivating. You can't not listen, and hang on their every word. There aren't many speakers around like that.

Come along this Sunday to see why Jesus is described as being like no other speaker. He spoke with authority, power, and conviction. When he spoke, things happened and people took notice. But what has he come to say? Brian Leung is going to be preaching to us and it will be a challenging and encouraging.

Don't forget that we have Summer Sessions on for the next three Wednesdays, starting at Bondi this...

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Weekend Away 2019

Posted: 04 January 2019

Whether you have been with us every week or are new to Vine Church, we would love it if you joined us for our weekend away.

We’re going to have a great time together at the beautiful Stanwell Tops relaxing with old friends and making new ones. Richard ‘Gibbo’ Gibson will be speaking on the Bible’s ‘one another’ refrain; constantly calling us to mutual love, service, concern, prayer and compassion in the family of God. Richard has a background in social work, wrote his PhD on the emotions of God, and is the principal of Brisbane School of Theology. A fierce touch footy player, he’s a husband to Kim, father of three and a proud new granddad.

Earlybird tickets available now...

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