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Bible reading guide for Real Marriage

Posted: 09 July 2012

This week we are looking at Real Marriage.

You can download a Bible reading guide below and listen to the talk.

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Posted: 01 July 2012 / Genesis 11:1-9

It was a great afternoon at Vine Church in Surry Hills. Zac Miles our student minister spoke from Genesis 11, the story of Babel, about 'making a name for yourself'. You can listen to Zac's talk and all of the Genesis series. However it was a sad moment to have to farwell Dave & Ann-Marie. 

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Family Culture Day

Posted: 25 June 2012

UPDATE: Cancelled as bad weather is forecast.

Family Culture Day is a fun day of activities for the disadvantaged in the inner city. Vine Church is going to be involved in a number of ways including running a BBQ, playing games with kids, face painting and chatting with the locals. Training will be provided prior to the day.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

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A Touchy Subject

Posted: 09 June 2012

Love, Sex & Marriage, 8–29 July 2012

Singleness, separation, friends with benefits, cohabitation, masturbation, pornography, sexual brokenness, divorce ... Touchy Subjects: join us for a 4 week series as we discuss what Jesus has to say about love, sex and marriage.

Real marriage
– Naked and not ashamed
Sunday 8 July, 4pm

Love and the dating game

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Engage Conference, Katoomba

Posted: 22 May 2012

Read Zac's wrap up of Engage 2012

Whether you have been with us every week or have just joined us, we would love you to come to Engage Conference in the beautiful Blue Mountains. Engage is a great time to learn under world class preachers in a beautiful and relaxing setting with friends. We will be attending the second weekend, 24 – 26 August 2012, and will rent a...

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Gospel in Life: Justice

Posted: 23 March 2012 / Jeremiah 5:27-28, Luke 10:25-37

One of the largest objections to faith is the issue of injustice: "How can there be so much injustice in the world? Why doesn't God do something about it?"

But, when you start to read the Bible, you begin to realise that God also has this objection. He is shocked and wounded by the injustices committed in the world, and outraged that his own people cause...

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Sex, Money & Power

Posted: 03 March 2012

All the talks from this series in 2012 are now available online or on the iTunes podcast here.

Join us for Easter in Surry Hills, come by yourself and meet some new friends or just relax in the back row. We don't expect everyone to be a Christian, in fact we love the fact that many are coming to check out Jesus for the first time. In the service...

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Steph Lentz talks to Toby

Posted: 28 February 2012

Steph Lentz recently caught up with Toby and asked him a few questions about being on mission in Surry Hills and the inner city.

"'Prostitutes are in no danger of finding their present life so satisfactory that they cannot turn to God: the proud, the avaricious, the self-righteous, are in that danger.' (quoting C.S. Lewis) The biggest challenge we see is...

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Weekend Away 2012

Posted: 24 February 2012

Whether you have been with us every week or have just joined us, we would love for you to come on the weekend away. We are going to have a great time together on the Central Coast relaxing with good food, drink and conversations.

16–18 March, 2012

To register please fill out this form (takes 20 second) click here.

You can also let everyone know you...

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Why the City is a Great Place to Raise Kids

Posted: 17 February 2012 / Jeremiah 29:4-14

Here are five reasons Liz and I think the city is a great place to raise kids:

  1. The great diversity of people will teach them how to relate to people who are different from them.
  2. The smallness of their kids church will teach them that they are missionaries to the city.
  3. The art and culture will teach them to appreciate common grace and the gifts...
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