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Father’s Day at Vine Church

Posted: 05 September 2014

This Sunday is Fathers Day and we are going to be having a BBQ after church and looking at what the Apostle James teaches about planning for tomorrow.

What he gives us is not a list of techniques on planning for the future—those you can find in any bookshop. Rather he gives us what the Bible is so often focussed on, character transformation! This you can...

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Oxygen Conference

Posted: 10 August 2014

Oxygen opportunity for church leaders to take 4 days out to breath in the goodness of God. This could not have come at a better time for Jules and I as last Monday, having dropped the kids off in Berry for 4 days, we walked out of our place into our local cafe (Salt), picked up our FW and XFW, and walked another 2 mins to Australian...

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How to Prepare to Lead in God’s Word

Posted: 29 July 2014

Vine Growth Short Courses


As we seek to provide Vine Church with practical training in different areas of ministry life, we come to looking at how to prepare to lead other's in God's Word. But firstly, we need to understand that this training is not 'how to lead other's in God's Word' but instead 'how to prepare to lead other's in God's word'. In my...

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Real Christians (series in James)

Posted: 18 July 2014

It has been said that the greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians – who claim Jesus with their lips but deny him by their lifestyle.

Join us over July – September as we hear Jesus own brother, James, teach us how to be Real Christians.

      Sun, 20 July      How to get through trials

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Training for our Community Groups

Posted: 17 July 2014

Are you a big picture or details person? Do you love the theory behind things or just getting stuck in? As I look out over our churches I see that at times we have heard so much about the WHY of Christian ministry but not always the HOW. Where are the little gems of wisdom that help us improve those practical things we need to get done in our Community...

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Gospel in Life

Posted: 15 July 2014

How is the gospel lived out in all of life? What does it mean for me to become and live as a Christian? How does the gospel change our hearts, our communities and the way we live in the world?

Gospel in Life meets over eight weeks and will give you the time and space to think about the difference Jesus Christ can make in your life, and what it would mean...

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Questioning Faith

Posted: 14 July 2014

“Sceptical scrutiny is the means, in both science and religion, by which deep insights can be winnowed from deep nonsense.”
— Carl Sagan

Questioning Faith is a gathering for anyone wanting to question faith in an open forum over drinks in a local pub. No matter who you are – sceptic, seeker or saint – we’d love to have you join us to question whether...

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Faith & Theology: Intro to James

Posted: 14 July 2014

This week we have two exciting events – our quarterly Faith & Theology night, and the new Questioning Faith night.

Each term prior to our new sermon series starting, we run a Faith & Theology night which is designed to help us dig deeper into the Bible. This term we are studying the book of James, which was written by Jesus brother, and we have Dr....

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Reflections on G8 Conference

Posted: 24 June 2014

Last week I had the opportunity to go away for a couple of days to Stanwell Tops (near Wollongong) for a retreat called G8, where other ministry apprentices like myself gathered from around Australia for training, encouragement and refreshment. There were about 50 apprentices and a handful of trainers from places such as Brisbane, Newcastle, Adelaide,...

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Is it ever right to complain about your church?

Posted: 11 June 2014

On Sunday night we looked at Exodus 15-17 and the way God's people grumbled in the desert. Someone asked me afterwards if it is ever right to complain about the church. I said that it is never right to be a grumbler, but it is always right to have holy discontent.

You can tell the difference because a grumbler is someone who:

  • is never satisfied
  • ...
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Author: Toby Neal / Categories: Discipleship, Reflection
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