A heart that lies to itself

Posted: 17 August 2018

“We all lie to ourselves to be happy.”
— Leonard Shelby (Memento Movie)

Before Inception and the Dark Night Trilogy, Christopher Nolan directed the amazing mind-bending film Memento. It's about a man who has amnesia and in order to know teh truth about himself, he tattoos his story onto himself. But as the movie goes on we come to realise that the man is not so honest about who he is—even to himself. I think Nolan's message is that we human beings are tempted to hide parts of our story not just from the world but from our own selves in order to cope with life.

This Sunday we are exploring this issue in the next part of our series in 1 Samuel as we look at the self deception of King Saul. In 1 Samuel 15 we read why the LORD God rejected Saul as king over Israel, and how we all struggle with hiding the truth from ourselves.

Also this weekend, we've got a Men's Breakfast down at Glebe Foreshore Park, Saturday morning, 8am. Come and join us for some breakkie, encouragement and a bit of spike ball. 

Yours in Christ,


P.s. if you missed out on my letter to the church last week in the post, you can download it here.

Pray for our community

  • Magnification team: Give thanks for our Magnification teams and the gifts God has given them musically, in up-front leadership, AV etc. Pray that Christ would get all the glory in our Sunday gatherings (Heb 12:28-29)
  • Perseverance: Pray for those in our community who are doing it tough that God would sustain them (and us all) to run the path he has set for us.
  • MTS: Thank God for Becky's 2nd year of her ministry traineeship with us. Pray for her role helping create a culture of joyful service at church. Pray for Andy her trainer and the raising up of future MTS trainees in 2019-20. (2 Tim 2:2)
  • For the elderly: Thank God for those who are older in our church. Pray they would know Jesus's love, enjoy good health and be comforted in loneliness.
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