Annual General Meeting 2017

Posted: 10 March 2017

This coming Wednesday night is the Annual General Meeting for Vine Church + St Michael’s. The meeting is going to be a really fun and important night in which we thank God for all he has done over the past year and look forward to what he has called us to do in the future.

Join us for sushi in the church at 6.30pm or for the formalities from 7pm. You can read the agenda here.

At the meeting, the members of our church will elect three wardens and 3, 6, or 9 parish councillors. Wardens and parish councillors play an important role in the mission of our church by ensuring that our church is effectively administered and governed. You can read more about whether you can vote here, and the role of the wardens and parish council here.

This year we have had the following people nominated as parish councillors and wardens, who will serve upon their successful election on Wednesday night.

Nominated as wardens

  • Noel Nallaiah (first time nominated)
  • Alexis Linton (served as warden in 2016)
  • Pauline Oh (served as warden in 2016)

Nominated as parish councillors

  • Tom Schell (first time nominated)
  • Justin Yoon (served on parish council 2013 – 2016)
  • Pei-Li Guan (served on parish council 2016)
  • Mario Chan (served on parish council 2016)

Each of these nominees are known to me and I wholeheartedly recommend them to you.

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday night for this important occasion.

Yours in Christ,

Toby Neal

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