Jesus: his character

Posted: 19 January 2018

We had an amazing time last week as we kicked off our new series: Introducing Jesus. It's an important series for two reasons. First, we don't want our love to grow cold for Jesus, so it's essential we start each year by looking directly at him in the gospels. Second, we want our friends and family to know him. And they won't, unless we know him and are confident enough to sit down and invite them to read a Gospel with us.

This Sunday we've got a great meeting planned as we look at the character of Jesus. No one ever lived like Jesus. Nothing he did ever fell short. What we see is that his claims are backed up by his character.

Can't wait to see you Sunday.

Toby Neal

P.s. Don't forget to pick up your survey cards at church and to ask your friends the question: "What is your biggest objection to Christianity?". Surveys end 28 January.

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