Jesus: his resurrection

Posted: 09 February 2018

We had an amazing Vision Sunday last week looking at the heart of the gospel – the death of Jesus. I hope you were inspired and challenged and looking forward to this year at church.

One of the things my family is looking forward to is the Vine Church Weekend Away coming up on Friday 16 - Sunday 18 March. We’ve got a great speaker, it’s a great location, and you’ll be in the company of some awesome people. Don’t forget we’ve extended the early bird price until this Sunday. Get in while it’s cheap.

Also this Sunday we are nearing the end of our series Introducing Jesus. We’re looking at the evidence for his resurrection. Did he really rise? How do we know? Couldn’t the disciples have been hallucinating or lying? I remember as a younger man working our whether there was enough evidence for believing in Jesus and it was the evidence of his resurrection that astounded me. Bring a friend or come yourself and be reminded of how sure and certain our faith is.

Can’t wait to see you Sunday.

Author: Toby Neal / Categories: News, Sermon Series



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