True Freedom

Posted: 04 March 2016 / John 8

This Saturday night, thousands of people will walk past our church to celebrate the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. We see this as a great opportunity to make a space available for people to find rest and enjoy a free BBQ. But it's our hope that people will encounter more than just free food — we’re hoping they would come to understand something of the radical love of Jesus as they connect with Christians at an unlikely event. Please keep all the volunteers in your prayers, and feel free to drop in for an hour or two to encourage them.

Also this week, we’re looking at John 8, and Jesus's famous statement that the truth will set us free. In a world that believes that truth is not discovered but created, Jesus's words don’t stop being relevant.

The staff team and I hope you have an amazing weekend being salt and light in our city, and we’re looking forward to coming together to hear God speak to us on Sunday.

Author: Toby Neal / Categories: News, Sermon Series



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