Join us as we gather together with Vine Church Live

This week we decided to hit 'pause' on our Sunday gatherings – we'd love you to join us as we gather together online or in small groups. At this time we believe that connection, care and the word of God are more needed than ever. Our church community will look different as we adapt and change, but we look forward to one day being able to gather together in our building as normal. 

Details for the Live Stream

Our gatherings will be livestreamed via our Vine Church Youtube Channel

Join us on Sundays at 10am + 4.30pm for Vine Church Live. 

We are living in a moment of unprecedented uncertainty, and we’ve been confronted with the fact that our jobs, our investments, our health, our families, our nation, even our way of life is insecure and fragile. Our world is reeling from events beyond our control and we find ourselves vulnerable to the spread of disease, the decline in financial markets, instability in employment, and the decisions of our leaders and our neighbours. We are experiencing massive impact on our lives, our health, our work and our leisure.

Where is God in all this and what is he saying to a world during troubled times?

The prophet Habakkuk in the Bible speaks to his nation in the midst of their crisis. His message is that no matter how dark things might become, God will be faithful to his promises and his people.

Week 1 – Lamenting: How to pray to God in times of trouble 
Week 2 – Trusting: How to rely on God in times of trouble 
Week 3 – Waiting: How to be patient in times of trouble 
Week 4 – Humbling: How to stay grounded in times of trouble 
Week 5 – Rejoicing: How to find joy in times of trouble 

Let us know you joined us 

During the service, we'd love you to let us know that you joined us by filling out our online 'Connect form' below! We have already had many new people tune in who have never visited Vine Church in person. If that's you, welcome! We would love to connect you into the life of our church and keep you updated. If you're a regular at Vine, this is a great way for you to let us know that you tuned in too. 

Vine Kids & Youth

Kids and Youth should join their parents on the Live Stream on YouTube and then move to Zoom after singing. Bruce Linton will announce when this is happening, just like a normal service. 
Vine Youth is taking a break and will resume on Sunday, 3 May. During this time, youth are welcome to join in the service or to join in the Vine Kids zoom. 

While we have previously posted the Vine Kids Zoom details, we have decided to stop doing this to make our online community as safe as it can be for kids. If you would like the Zoom details for Vine kids before Sunday, please contact Bruce Linton here. If you would like the Zoom details for Vine Youth (after the school holidays) please contact Benji Vaytet here

If you're new or visiting Vine Kids and Youth
If you would like your kids to come along to Vine Kids or Youth, we are so glad you're here and we'd love you to join us! We have tight security on our Zoom meetings so that they are safe for our kids, but we'd love you to let us know via the Connect form and we can send you the details for the following Sunday. 

Let us know how you're doing 

Please don't hesttate to get in touch if you are not doing well, need prayer, or would like more information. If you haven't updated us on your situation, please let us know here.





Meeting Times

  • ServicesSunday 10am, 4.30pm
    St Michael's Anglican Church
    Cnr Flinders & Albion St, Surry Hills
  • Community groupsMidweek over dinner at
    various locations

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