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Equipped to serve God with your whole life.

If we are to connect thousands of inner city people to Jesus, we are going to need thousands of inner city Christians fully equiped and engaged in that work.

Our mission is to train and equip interns in leadership and Christian ministry so that they are making a greater kingdom impact in the ministries they lead and serve in at church.

What is an Intern?

The Vine Internship Program is a 1-year program designed to give people a practical ministry experience and leadership training across various teams at Vine Church so they are better equipped to serve God with their life. This program is designed to complement each intern’s passions, giftedness, and experience.

We want to help equip everyday Christians working a secular job to have a greater impact in their ministry in the local church. We deeply believe in ever member ministry and that the church will only succeed in its mission if all God’s people use their God-given gifts with God-given power. We have a deep passion to see more people leading and serving in ministries at church which are making real kingdom difference. 

At the conclusion of the program our hope and prayer is that interns will:

  • return to full-time work better equipped to lead and serve; or
  • apply for the full-time training experience at Vine Church called the Ministry Training Strategy (MTS); or
  • enrol in theological study to continue preparation for a life of gospel ministry; or
  • enter paid Christian ministry by working for Vine Church in a full or part-time capacity

What is the difference between MTS + Student Ministry ?

Internships are a one day, one year practical training experience for those not yet intending to go into full time paid Christian ministry.

MTS is a full time, two year practical training experience for those who are considering a lifetime of Christian ministry.

Student MInistry is a one day, two year, practical training experience for those who are studying at theological college and wish to be trained in leadership and church ministry in an urban environment.

Hours of Commitment

This is a one year program that you can start at any time of the year.

The Vine Church internship programs involves 10 hours per week

  • 3 hours on Sunday with your congregation (9.15am, 11am or 4.30pm)
  • 4 hours doing ministry at some time during the week
  • 4 hours on Mondays with the staff team

Who should consider an internship?

Any Christian willing to learn and make a deeper impact for the cause of Christ.

Anyone considering MTS or full-time ministry but wants to test the waters first.

Anyone with the ability to set aside one day per week for the internship.

We offer a hands on, fully involved training experience including...

1. Practical Ministry Experience

Interns will get the opportunity to serve in significant ways within a variety of ministry teams. This may involve being part of the team or leading the team yourself. The particular ministry opportunities available depend on the unique gifts and interests of each intern, but a number of possible opportunities include:

  • Reading the Bible with evangelistic contacts.
  • Leading people through Christianity Explored and the Followup Course.
  • Coordinating the Bread of Life team, and providing hope for those in need.
  • Running outreach events such as Mardi Gras Outreach, Summer Mission, Christmas Festival etc.

  • Serving on the Connect and Care Team which seeks to connect with new people at church and care for those who are doing it tough.
  • Leading people through Onboard and getting them established in a Community Group and serving in a Ministry Team.
  • Leading or serving in the Hosting or Foodies Team on Sundays.
  • Running events which bring people together including Newcomers Nights, Weekend Away, Man Camp, Girl’s Getaway, Socials etc.
  • Conducting pastoral visits to people in hospital.

  • Planning Sunday gatherings.
  • Leading Sunday services.
  • Leading bands and musicians.
  • Leading AV and production teams.
  • Coordinating and promoting prayer through Prayer & Praise Nights and other opportunities.
  • Writing and distributing Bible reading and prayer resources which help people in their time with God.

  • Meeting one to one with people you are discipling for prayer, Bible reading and encouragement.
  • Leading a Community Group.
  • Coaching Community Group leaders.
  • Teaching Preliminary Theological Certificate courses.
  • Coordinating Faith & Work events.
  • Running a bookstall and encouraging people to read.
  • Preparing and giving a Bible talk.
  • Building a culture of joyful service at Vine Church.
  • Recruiting volunteers and helping them find opportunities to use their gifts to build the church.
  • Training Ministry Team Leaders to be more effective in leading their teams.
  • Discipling kids or youth on Sunday mornings at Vine Kids or Vine Youth.
  • Leading or serving at the Jungle afternoon kids club.
  • Leading or serving at Friday night Vine Youth.
  • Teaching scripture in local schools.

2. Participation on the congregational Connect and Care team

You will be involved your your congregation’s (9.15am, 11am, 4.30pm) weekly Connect and Care meeting at which you will join the pastoral staff in shepherding those in their congregation. You will play an integral role in pastoral ministry and experience the joys (and sorrows) of how people respond to God.

3. Training cohort with 1 year training syllabus

Interns will receive fortnightly training with other interns, MTS and Student Ministers from our pastors on theology, ministry, and leadership. 

4. Guided reflection with a minister

Each intern will meet with a Vine Church minister quarterly for a guided reflection on what you are learning, as well a prayer and encouragement. At the completion of your internship you will write a Reflection Paper (1,000 words) to help you reflect with your minister on what you have learned.

5. Specific training by request

Interns are also invited to speak to our pastors about any ministries or pastoral experiences they would value being trained in. Some of these experiences include:

  • Preparing a Bible talk
  • Writing a Bible study
  • Visiting someone in hospital
  • Leading the Sunday gathering

6. Conferences

All interns join the rest of the staff team at conferences which they attend together throughout the year (including Reach Australia and Nexus).

"Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.
— 1 Corinthians 15:58

Application details

An Internship is an unpaid training experience. 

Candidates will be fully reimbursed for all church conferences and ministry expenses.

For expressions of interest, please get in touch 

Ministry Training Opportunities

MTS Trainee

A two year, hands-on, full-time ministry apprenticeship, giving you the opportunity to grow as a minister to others in the context of a local church. 


A leadership development internship, providing you with hands on practical leadership opportunities with a staff-mentor and training.

Student Minister

For those studying at theological college wishing to be trained in leadership and church ministry in an urban environment.

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