Safe Ministry

Safe ministry

We're committed to your safety, protection and wellbeing

There is no place for misconduct and abuse at Vine Church. The safety, protection, and wellbeing of all children and vulnerable people are paramount. 

Safe Ministry at Vine Church

We long for our church to be a place of love and safety for everyone, particularly the vulnerable. This is to reflect God’s particular heart for the needy. God himself reached out to save us in Christ when we were helpless.

Our Safe Ministry Policy and practice reflects our deep convictions and legal obligations. This policy is applicable to all staff, leaders, pastors, coordinators, volunteers, trainees, and anyone serving or working on behalf of Vine Church. 

We also follow a Safe Ministry Policy, as part of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney. We have a local Safe Ministry Representative, who you can contact with any concerns or questions.

To report abuse, please contact the Police (Call 000) or the Office of Safe Ministry within the Diocese of Sydney. 

Speak Up!

No matter how minor your concern seems, you will be heard, taken seriously, and kept confidential.  

Report your concerns to our Safe Ministry Representative.  

Need guidence?

Are you unsure who to speak to or how to report abuse? 

Please read this document to help guide you through the process, when you suspect abuse or disclosure.  

Report Abuse

Call the 1800 774 945 report line or report in writing by secure form or emailAll reports are acted on promptly. 

In an emergency call 000

Gabby Kwon (pictured) is our Safe Ministry Representative. If you have any queries or concerns please email Gabby or the Lead Pastor or any senior staff member. 

"There is no place whatsoever for sexual abuse or other misconduct in the life of our churches. I am committed to ensuring the Sydney Anglican Church has a consistent culture of safe ministry through regular and up-to date training and resourcing of clergy and lay church workers."

Kanishka Raffel, Sydney Anglican Archbishop

Who is vulnerable?

The largest vulnerable population at Vine Church are our children and youth. Therefore it is critical that we pay careful attention to ‘Child protection’.

But there are others who are also vulnerable. People who may not be able to protect themselves from harm or coercion due to their particular circumstances of age, disability or past trauma. We consider them as vulnerable people and so are especially vigilant to see them cared for.

How we care + protect?

As part of the Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney, Vine Church follows the Safe Ministry Guidelines which sets out the standards expected from our leaders, workers and volunteers, specifically as they affect children, youth and vulnerable people.

All staff and any volunteer working with Vine Kids and Vine Youth must have:

Play Your Part: We would love as many people as possible across church to have their Working With Children Check (WWCC) done. The more people with a WWCC and trained in Safe Ministry, the stronger our community of care and protection becomes. 

For more info about policies please contact our Governance Team.

As part of the Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney, Vine Church follows the Safe Ministry Guidelines which sets out the standards expected from our leaders, workers and volunteers, specifically as they affect children, youth and vulnerable people.

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