Equipped to thrive in every connection

Relationships are both beautiful and complex. We’re here to equip you to navigate them with godliness and grace; whether at work, home, with family, or on a team. We want you to thrive in every connection. 

“godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come” — 1 Timothy 4:8

Thrive in every connection

At Vine Church, we’re all about connecting people with Jesus and seeing their lives transformed by the love, life, and freedom He offers. 

Our community is built around Jesus, where we support each other in becoming who God intended us to be. We love seeing people grow to be like Jesus, living godly lives that reflect the beauty of the gospel, as we rely on the Holy Spirit’s power to grow and change.

We host a variety of events at Vine Church that dive deep into discussions on living well and honouring God in every season of life. We encourage you to pick the one that you find most helpful. Each of these events provide practical insights and biblical wisdom, focusing on thriving in every connection we make. 

These events are also open to people outside our church, whether they are believers or not. While the Christian principles inform part of the sessions, the focus will be on practical skills anyone could implement to strengthen relationships.

Join us as we seek to grow together, honour God, and thrive in every connection we make.

Thrive Events 2024


Confident Parenting: Parenting has become increasingly more confusing. There is so much advice and information available that it can become overwhelming.

At this seminar, Michelle Varcoe will share some thinking from family systems theory in hope to help parents recover their confidence and consider how they can be the best resource for building their children’s resilience. This seminar is relevant for parents with children of all ages.

To help make it possible for parents to attend, we’re offering childcare/children’s programs for ages 0-18 on site at $10 per child. Please register promptly so we can plan for everyone.


Marriage Enrich: "Marriages don't grow simply because both spouses age. Growth is intentional, demanding and utterly surprising. It requires space and time." - Dan B. Allender

It's essential for couples to set aside dedicated time to strengthen their marriage. Taking a day away in a relaxed setting allows for deepening intimacy, addressing issues constructively, and building habits to sustain love through all seasons of marriage.

To help make it possible for couples with children to attend, we’re offering childcare/children’s programs for ages 0-18 on site at $10 per child. Please register promptly so we can plan for everyone.


Connect Better: Wherever we bump up against others, we are faced with the human dilemma of relating. We all have an idea what it looks and feels like when it goes well. We also know what happens when relationships get tense, uncomfortable, and frustrating. How do we understand what's going on when relating is not going well? And what can we do about it?

At this seminar, Lauren Errington will share some thinking from family systems theory about what we are up against in relationships and where our efforts are best directed in working on connecting with others. Whether it's thinking about your relationships with family, friends, work colleagues or sporting mates, come along to test out some ideas.

Resources on relationships:

by Paul Grimmond
by Jenny Brown
By Ed Welch
By Tim Keller

Other opportunities to help you thrive...

Vine Men

We’re gathering the men at Vine Church to build one another up in the faith and work out together what it looks like to be men who belong to Jesus. We want you to find a community of men who will help you grow as a Christian.

Vine Women

We’re gathering the women at Vine Church together to nourish our souls and encourage each other to live courageous lives of love just as Christ Jesus loved us. We want you to find a community of women who will help you grow as a Christian.


Upcoming Events

Experiencing the fullness of Christ.

21 July, 2024
 - 22 September, 2024
Sermon Series through July, August and September

Square One Kids Camp

1 November, 2024
 - 3 November, 2024
Get ready for an epic adventure, for kids in Year 3-6!

Weekend Away 2025

28 March, 2025
 - 30 March, 2025
All three congregations are gathering together for an epic weekender. Save the date!

Basecamp Men’s Conference

3 August, 2024
Vine Men are heading to this annual conference for great teaching, good coffee + time together.

One Love Conference

24 August, 2024
Nourish you soul and encourage other Vine Women to live for Jesus, at the One Love Conference this year!

God would be good news if…

11 August, 2024
 - 25 August, 2024
Join us this August as we explore the top three responses and consider whether faith in God is nonsense or provides deep insights for life.

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