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Getting married at Vine Church

Congratulations! We’re delighted you are getting married and considering Vine Church for your venue. Marriage is a gift from God for the wellbeing of people. It’s a symbol of His unending love for his people and the union between Christ and the church. 

It is our desire to be as helpful as possible so that your wedding day would be a meaningful and happy day, and that your marriage would be long-lasting, filled with joy, delight and determination.

The Venue

Vine Church was designed by famous Sydney architect Edmund Blackett. Originally built in 1854, the building was refurbished in 2022 by local architects Neeson Murcutt + Nielle. Vine Church makes it the perfect choice for a contemporary wedding in the heart of the inner city of Sydney. It comfortably seats 180. 

Who can get married at Vine Church?

Our staff are available to conduct your marriage, following the wedding rites of the Anglican church of Australia. To be able to get married at Vine Church you must be:

  • Freely choosing to marry. That is not for visa purposes, crisis or pressure from parents.
  • Legally able to marry. If you have been married before, we will need to interview you first. This is so we can establish that the reasons for the breakdown of the previous marriage have been worked through and resolved as best as possible, and that all legal requirements have been met.
  • Attend a marriage preparation course before your wedding day. This course is designed to benefit you and prepare a strong foundation for your marriage.
  • Able to say your wedding vows with integrity. That is, you have every intention of keeping your marriage vows.
  • Aware that your vows will be said before God. For those who are not follow Jesus, we encourage you to attend one of our Explore courses to get a fresh insight into who God is before affirming vows in God’s presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What days of the week are we able to get married at Vine Church?

We conduct weddings every day except Sunday.

How long does the service go for?

Approximately 40 minutes to 1 hour – depending on how many songs, Bible readings and prayers.

What marriage service do you use?

We use A Service for Marriage (Second Form) from An Australian Prayer Book 1978. Whilst written in contemporary English, it nevertheless maintains much of the beauty and gravitas of the traditional marriage service of the Book of Common Prayer that has been used world-wide since 1662.

Can we write our own vows?

No. We are only licensed to conduct services published by the Anglican Church.

Can we honour our parents during the service?

This is possible, but please speak to your pastor.

Can we have readings from poems, plays, novels or other secular sources during the ceremony?

Your wedding is a Christian service and therefore all readings need to be taken from the Bible. We suggest that you try to include any other readings at your wedding reception.

Do we need to sing at a wedding?

No, this is up to you. We recommend solid, easy-to-sing, well-known hymns, sung with a guitar or piano. Please see below for more information about music.

Does the bride need to be on time?

Yes, absolutely. 10-15 minutes’ grace will be allowed, but anything later may risk losing your deposit. Those involved in the service often have other commitments – including other weddings – to which they cannot be late.

Can I tell my guests a different time to the time that was agreed upon with the church?

If the time you invite your guests to church differs from the scheduled time for your wedding, for whatever reason, please let us know so we are aware of this.

Am I allowed to have a page boy or flower girl?


Can you give the Bible Readers some tips?

Before the Wedding Day: Make sure you have a copy of the Bible reading ready well before the wedding. Ask the couple being married for a copy of the Order of Service with the passage printed — that way you will be reading the version printed on the day (we recommend the NIV 2011). Practice the reading at home: not too quick, and not too slow. 

On the Day: Come and say hello to the pastor 20 minutes before the wedding service. Feel free to ask any questions if you are unsure of anything. Sit in a spot where you can come to the front easily. An aisle seat is good.

During the Ceremony: At the time of the reading, the pastor will invite you by name to the stage and give you a handheld mic to use. Keep the mic close to your mouth (4-8 cm away). Read strongly, not too quick, not too slow. If there is a second Bible reader, step away from the lectern and wait on the stage until they have finished their reading. When you have both finished reading, return to your seats. 

Does the church produce the Order of Service for us?

For most weddings, the couple creates the order of service, has it approved by the pastor, and then takes it to be printed elsewhere. If you would like the church to provide an order of service, we can do so on 90gsm natural stock in the format attached for $300. When you create your order of service, please remember to include the full text of each Bible reading from the NIV 2011You can be creative, but unless discussed with your pastor, please follow this guide for the order and send through the final draft before printing.

Is flash photography allowed? Is it ok to video the ceremony?

Yes, but please ask your photographer to be respectful during the wedding. Videographers will need to supply their own microphone, which they can give to the pastor to wear.

Can you provide musicians for the wedding?

Generally no.

Often members will ask friends from church who serve in the worship team to play at their wedding. Others hire their own musicians. 

What music do we need to organise?

  • Arrival – A playlist of music from a Spotify playlist or phone as your guests arrive. Alternatively, your band may play some quiet background music.
  • Processional – played as the bride walks into the church.
  • Hymns – optional. These should be well-known and easy to sing.
  • Signing of the register — an item played by musicians or a song played from a Spotify playlist or phone.
  • Recessional – played while the bridal party walk out of the church. Usually an upbeat, joyful piece of music.

Please note:

  • You must seek approval from your pastor for your song selections.
  • Don’t forget to tell any musicians you hire if they will be working with other musicians.
  • Your musicians will need at least two weeks’ notice of the music required.
  • Please bring your playlist to your rehearsal and provide to the site manager or sound technician.

Can we have a soloist?

You may bring a soloist, but this must be approved by your pastor.

Should I pay the musicians?

Unless they are a friend coming to your reception, you should generally pay your musicians. When asking them to play, ask up front how much they charge. Usually it is about $150-$300 per musician.

If the musicians are invited to the reception, then a card or small gift should suffice.

Can I look at the building?

Yes, come and visit our services at 9.15am, 11am or 4.30pm on Sundays. Alternatively, you can arrange with our bookings manager to come by during the week. 

Is there parking available at Vine Church?

We permit one bridal car to drive up onto the plaza and park during the service, but please check with your driver that they are happy to mount the kerb to get into the plaza. Alternatively, the bridal car can enter via the back gate and park on the grass. There is a wedding bay out front on Albion Street which may be used for the other bridal cars to drop off. 

For your guests, there is free and metered 2-hour parking on nearby streets, or secure parking at St Margarets Car Park on Bourke Street for $2/hour on weekends.

How many people does the church seat?

160 comfortably, 220 at an absolute squeeze.

What are the rules regarding decorating the church?

All decorations must be agreed to by the pastor and you must arrange to have them removed after the ceremony. The church must be left as it was found.

What are your rules regarding the use of petals, confetti or rice?

We request that your guests do not throw confetti or rice, either on church property or on the street. This is a safety and littering issue and we appreciate your co-operation. Genuine flower petals are fine for your guests to throw outside the church.

When can our florist, friends and musicians access the church?

The church is opened 1 hour prior to your ceremony and is kept open for half an hour after the ceremony.

Can we serve refreshments after our ceremony?

Yes, you may serve refreshments in the foyer, grounds, or the church hall. If this is the case, you will need to purchase Public Liability Insurance, and pay an additional fee. Ansvar provides discounted insurance here.

Do you have a site map?

Do we need to pay the pastor or give him a gift?

No, but please show them your appreciation. Although it is your special day, it is for them a day away from their family. 

Do we need to invite the pastor to the reception?

No, you do not. The pastor does not expect to be invited to the wedding reception.

Are pre-marriage courses compulsory?

Yes. Don’t get bogged down preparing your wedding and fail to prepare for your marriage.

Can we have a rehearsal?

Yes, a one-hour rehearsal is covered in your wedding fee. Usually the pastor will organise this for in the week leading up to your wedding. 

Please do not be late. If the rehearsal runs longer than 1 hour, you may risk losing your deposit. The Site Manager has other commitments to which they cannot be late. If you need longer than 1 hour, note this on your application.

We encourage you to organise the following people to be there and to go out afterwards for drinks or dinner. In order of importance at the rehersal:

  • Bride and groom
  • The person walking the bride down the aisle (usually the bride’s father)
  • The parents of the bride and groom (if they are a support to you)
  • The bridesmaids
  • The best man 
  • The groomsmen
  • The page boy and flower girl (optional)
  • The person playing the processional and recessional

If you need musicians and others to check out things in the building, this is the time to do it.

Can we be married by a pastor from another church or a civil celebrant?

We allow external pastors if the following conditions are met:

  • the character and doctrine of the pastor honours Christ,
  • the pastor is from a Bible-based denomination,
  • the pastor is an authorised marriage celebrant, and
  • the wedding rites have been reviewed and accepted by the Lead Pastor of Vine Church.

Please note that we don’t host weddings with civil celebrants or wedding ceremonies in our hall but would love to discuss our ‘pastor + wedding’ package with you. 

How much notice do we need to give?

Legally you are required to complete the Notice of Intended Marriage form in the presence of the pastor one month prior to the wedding. Apart from this, bookings are subject to the church being available. 

Do members of Vine Church get a discount?

Yes. If you are a member of Vine Church, you are eligible for a 50% discount on your booking. There is an opportunity on the bookings enquiry form to inform us of this. 

Do you provide pre-marriage counselling or course?

Yes. Please chat to the pastor marrying you. This is compulsory for couples being married by one of pastors from the Vine Church team.

Don’t get bogged down in wedding preparations and fail to prepare for your marriage. There is no pass or fail, rather its a helpful opportunity to sit down together to discuss and explore the commitment you plan to make in marriage. A marriage is more than the wedding day, and pre-marriage counselling is well worth the investment. 

What books do you recommend on marriage?

Two books we highly recommend are:

Wedding Checklist

If you’re interested in having your Wedding at Vine Church, please read through the above FAQs and then complete the following form.

Your next steps! Once your wedding booking has been confirmed, below is a list of what you need to do, before you can say ‘I do’.

  1. Pay a deposit of $300.
  2. Complete these forms:
  3. Organise and attend a marriage course with the pastor who is marrying you.
  4. Pay your wedding fee and refundable bond.
  5. Hold a wedding rehearsal in the week before the wedding day at the church.
  6. Get married!

Wedding Packages

Venue + Pastor

Full Package
$ 2900*

For people getting married by a Vine Church pastor at the church.
  • Use of the historic church building and grounds for a total of 3 hours — set up, ceremony + pack up
  • Sound technician
  • Public Liability Insurance for your guests
  • Site manager on the day and for one hour of rehearsal
  • Contribution towards the conservation and restoration of the heritage building
  • Pastor (Authorised Celebrant)
  • Administration and lodgement of forms

Church Only

Venue Hire
$ 1800

For people getting married at Vine Church with their own pastor.
  • Use of the historic church building and grounds for a total of 3 hours — set up, ceremony + pack up
  • Sound technician
  • Public Liability Insurance for your guests
  • Site manager on the day and for one hour of rehearsal
  • Contribution towards the conservation and restoration of the heritage building

Pastor Only

Authorised Celebrant
$ 800

For Vine Church members getting married elsewhere.
  • Pastor (Authorised Celebrant)
  • Marriage preparation course (please note the Prepare Enrich Assessment Survey is an additional $70)
  • Administration and lodgement of forms
Optional Extras
Should you require any of these extras, please indicate this on your application form.


Use of kitchen, foyer, grounds and hall for refreshments.
$600 includes grounds, kitchen + foyer
+ $150 cleaning fee
+ $50 waste removal fee
*Vine Church members receive a discount.


Use of church facilities as a Reception Venue. Hire includes purpose built kitchen, gardens, foyer and hall. Alcohol is permitted so long as it is served according to our Alcohol Policy.
*Please contact us for a quote. 

AV Tech

If you have a band, you will need to pay an additional fee for the AV technician to attend your rehearsal.
*Please contact us for a quote. 


We can organise a livestream of your wedding to Youtube. Cost includes the link to watch your ceremony back after the date. 
$400 livestream cost


You will need Public Liability Insurance to host refreshments or a reception at Vine Church. You can apply for a policy via Ansvar Insurance here
Payment Details

Please use the details below to make your initial deposit and final balance. 

Vine Church Surry Hills
BSB 062 033
AC# 1075 0624
Reference: Wedding [Last Name]

Please note that in the description of your payment/s you must include your last name and the word “Wedding”


You can make your booking deposit and final payment with a credit card or debit card below.

Please note this incurs a 1.4% bank fee.



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